VARON CHIRI brand name contains the meaning of “Repel Evil with Right Will” in Korean. The founder of Varon Chiri puts the message in the brand name that wishing there are no bad things in the daily life of owners and only good things always happen.

The brand logo was inspired by the sword pommel of the “Sainchamsageom”, which was produced once in every 12 years since the Joseon Dynasty. Sainchamsageom crafted in every year of the tiger to repel negative energy and bring the positive energy & peace to the country during the Joseon Dynasty.

As the meaning of Sainchamsageom and the meaning of the brand name of Varon Chiri are the same, the logo was inspired by this sword.

And because 2022 is the year of the tiger, it is the year of crafting Sainchamsageom. It is also the year in which the Varon Chiri brand was born.