The Varon Chiri brand name holds a deep meaning in Korean, signifying "Repel Evil with Right Will." The founder of Varon Chiri aimed to encapsulate this message in the brand name, wishing positivity and good fortune in the daily lives of its owners.

Inspired by the sword pommel of the Sainchamsageom, a unique weapon crafted once every 12 years during the Joseon Dynasty, the brand logo is a testament to the brand's roots in Korean tradition. The Sainchamsageom, produced annually during the year of the tiger, was believed to repel negative energy and bring positive energy and peace to the country.

Given that 2022 is the year of the tiger, it is also the year of crafting the Sainchamsageom, making it all the more significant that the Varon Chiri brand was born in the same year. The Varon Chiri brand logo is thus a symbol of strength, positivity, and tradition, embodying the same values as the Sainchamsageom sword.